Oath and Declarations

Hilcrest Solicitors services in this area include:

  • Drafting or reviewing loan agreements, guarantees, charges and other securities documentation/ giving independent legal advice on bank mortgage/ property documents
  • Certifying copies of documents, and passport size photographs and true likeness verification
  • Preparing Sponsorship declarations, Change of name deeds and Statutory declarations
  • Preparing Powers of Attorney and Deeds of Revocation
  • Preparing Affidavits and Private agreements
  • Taking sworn statements and depositions

We offer a reliable service for individuals and businesses that may need to see a commissioner for oaths for all kinds of legal reasons — buying property, travelling abroad or change of name. Hilcrest Solicitors can prepare or authenticate all kinds of documents. We can work to tight deadlines too.

So, Contact Us at Hilcrest Solicitors now if you require any of these services in Ilford, Redbridge, Barking, east London or Essex